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Thread: Ladies!!! How many calories do you eat?...

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    Ladies!!! How many calories do you eat?...

    And how many from fat, protein, and carbs?

    I'm wanting to lose body fat, but the amount of fat I'm eating is freaking me out a little... I am eating mostly nuts, vegetables, and lean protein... The large amounts of fat come from the nuts, avocado, and eggs (and about 13g from a Kind Bar, which I'm eliminating after I finish the ones I have).

    How many of you eat real butter?

    I'm just curious about what other females following this lifestyle are eating and if you are seeing positive results. Anyone seeing loss of cellulite? Do you get bloodwork done and are the results good (low triglycerides, cholesterol, etc)?

    I don't want to sound shallow.. I am also doing this for my health.. Cardiovascular disease runs rampant on both sides of my family at very young ages. Even my mom who eats virtually a fat free diet has had 2 heart attacks and she's only 58. My dad had a QUINTUPLE bypass in September.. scariest time ever! I'm trying this because "fat free" just doesn't work for me.. it makes me hungrier no matter how much or what I eat. I'd appreciate any feedback.
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