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    Can of tongol tuna mixed with mayo
    String beans with red onion, evoo, vinegar
    Half of an organic jerky stick thingie
    42g Kerrygold Dubliner cheese
    5 baby carrots
    1 chocolate-covered walnut
    SeaSnax nori snacks
    Low-carb homemade oyster stuffing


    Beef tenderloin, about 6-8 oz.
    Sweet potato with Kerrygold butter
    Lettuce + red onion salad with blue cheese crumbles, evoo, red wine vinegar
    3 homemade low-carb cookies
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    I had roasted pork loin, riced cauliflower (with butter), and some veggies with butter (mushrooms, bell peppers, baby bok choi, scallions.) I am planning on sauteing spinach with garlic (in olive oil) and an omelet for tonight....with maybe some chorizo. AIf I am still hungry, I will eat some walnuts and aged cheese.

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    Breakfast: one double yolk egg made into an omlette with Dubliner cheese, two slices bacon, sauerkraut, and coffee with heavy cream. Lunch: homemade chili made with grass fed ground beef, homemade tomato sauce, and beets diced up to replace the kidney beans, topped with avocado and sour cream. Side salad with balsamic vinegar and evoo dressing. Dinner: flank steak with side dish of cooked Swiss chard and artichoke hearts mixed with cream cheese and parmiseano/reggiano cheese and a dash of nutmeg.

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    Vanilla protein sludge with almonds, pistachios, coconut chips and raspberries.
    Lamb steak with potatoes.
    Avocado mousse with frozen bananas.

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    Eggs fried in coconut oil, chicken, bas, banana, almond butter, hot chocolate, half an avocado, apple.
    I'll be making grilled salmon tomorrow with a side of grilled vegetables (onions, mushrooms, squash, zichinni, coconut oil)

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    Pig spleen!

    Knifegill is christened to be high carb now!
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    5 eggs in tallow (is that what I call the fat I get off the top of my bone broth?)
    with 1/2 and onion and 4 garlic cloves
    8 pieces of bacon (bout 1/3 pound)
    2 cups of coffee black

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    -4 eggs in lard
    -300g pork
    -100g pate
    -200g bacon

    Having some fish later.
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    ^grams perplex me....OK 454 grams in a pound. Now I can see what your eating.

    Damn thats a good deal of food. Nice.

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