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Thread: Texans

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    Quote Originally Posted by MalPaz View Post

    PS- do any of you texans wanna ship me some good bacon(sugar free uncured preferably grassfed)... i dont have access to any

    ill pay you!!!
    M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I
    Crooked letter-crooked letter-I

    "Your not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway"

    You are now an honorary Texan as well, as long as you use vernaculars like y'all occasionally. Besides, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Mississippi.

    This is where I sourced my last batch of uncurred bacon and it looks like they ship. I will contact my other farmer sources to see if they ship.
    Sloan's Creek Farm:
    Our meats are available for sale by the cut at our on farm store or in bulk quantities for our wholesale price. We are currently offering our own grass-only(Our word for grass-fed.)beef, pastured pork, grass-only lamb, and grass-only goat meat, as well as pastured chicken raised by Windy Meadows Family Farm, another local family owned and operated farm. We also offer local honey from Desert Creek Honey which is produced on our farm and other local Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, and Collin County farms by Blake Shook, a beekeeper from Blue Ridge, Texas.

    Our meat market is located on our farm in Dodd City and is open by appointment, Monday through Friday. We are usually here at the farm working! So just give us a call and we will be happy to meet you at the store. However, on Saturdays we are usually at the farmers markets, and are unable to sell from our on-farm store. Please, call ahead! Our Home/Office Phone Number is 903-583-4951. Nathan's Cell Phone Number: 903-449-1629; Ellen's Cell Phone Number: 903-736-2832.

    See our complete down-loadable price list for all of our products, including our meat by the cut, through our price list link above.

    May through September we have a booth at the Frisco Farmers Market every Saturday. We are currently working to be vendors with several area farmers markets including the Dallas Farmers Market. Besides the farmers markets, We also sell through the Cross Timbers Food Coop in Denton (see link at bottom of page)and Eat Green DFW (see link at bottom of page). We currently offer deliveries at the Well's Brother Store in Plano and at a parking lot on Frisco's Main Street with pre-orders, during the farmers markets off-season. Our meat is also available in Sherman at the Green Market health food store on Grand Avenue.

    In addition, we are working to set up our own on-line store and other local DFW locations for our meat sales.

    We do offer delivery for a delivery fee. If you are interested in starting a delivery site/buyer's group in your area, please contact us.

    We are still offering our meats in bulk quantities at our wholesale price for our customers who prefer to continue to purchase their meat this way--at least a 25% interest or 1/4 (Split-Half) interest in the animal for beef, a 100% interest in whole lamb or goat, and a 50% interest in a hog on the following current pricing scale.

    Current pricing for our Bulk Meat purchases as of 03/10/2009, is as shown below.
    A securing deposit fee is required on bulk orders. Deposits are as follows:
    $100 for each beef whole, half, quarter or split-half.
    $50 for each whole sheep or goat.
    $50 for each half of Red Wattle hog or $100 per whole.
    This deposit goes toward the total price of your meat and will be subtracted from your total purchase when your meat is ready.

    Grass-only Heritage Breed Beef= $4.50/lb of Actual Meat Yielded
    Grass-only St. Croix Hair Sheep (Lamb)= $8.25/lb of Actual Meat Yielded
    Grass-only Myotonic Meat Goat (Chevon)= $7.25/lb of Actual Meat Yielded
    Pastured Red Wattle Pork= $5.50/lb of Actual Meat Yielded.
    Lamb and Goat is a more expensive meat here in the US.

    NOTE: Please contact us well in advance of your need for products on Bulk Orders. Turn around time on bulk orders can be over 1 month due to our farms production capacity and processor scheduling.
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    Austin chica aqui!

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    haha well i live in a small house with a guy who stocks the fridge with dt dew, whiskey and junk... i have no where to put 1/2 a cow... but if i did that place looks money!

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    ikaika, I am from Flower Mound, so maybe it was me. Where do you live?

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    Currently in Houston.. Headed to Austin in a couple of months

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    Lifewithjades I couldn't not respond to your post.
    I was born in Mexico City, but I have been living in Austin for a long time.

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    ikaika: Thanks for the invite, but I'm just an old puff of bad air drifting toward the Oklahoma sky. Visiting with folks on this forum is like having the grandkids come see granny once a month at the nursin' home. You go on and have your fun and send me the pictures.

    If you drift north I am in Chandler. Actually, I'm there if you drift north or not.

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    I'm here in austin and would love to meet up with fellow pb'ers!

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    I'm between austin and dfw area.

    Hopefully this time around we can actually all get together last time just came around with poor timing.

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    Representing the dirty H

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