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Thread: Cure tooth decay

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    Cure tooth decay

    I have made a thread about teeth before, I do have a cavity phobia, I remember brushing 4x times a day and using listerine twice a day before primal.

    Yesterday I discovered a small brownish spot on my tooth next to my front teeth. Not sure what it is and how long it has been there but it could be a cavity.
    I am going to try this "tooth decay diet(?)". The book hasn't arrived yet.

    I don't exactly know when my next dentist appointment is. But I will give this a a try.

    I will be eating:

    Beef liver
    Cod liver (not oil, the actual liver)
    Muscle meat
    Raw butter
    Raw cheese
    Vitamin D3
    No (fruit) sugar

    Track all my vitamins, minerals etc daily.

    I'm curious where this is going to go. If it works I will feel awesome.
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    well then

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