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Thread: The home straight :D

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    The home straight :D

    One year and a bit into primal and I'm starting a journal to track my excersie and progress to a lean mean me

    I started at about over 19 stone (about 270lbs) I'm now down to about 15 stone 7 lbs (about 220) I doubt I'll end up under 200lbs

    I have however stopped weighing myself as it's just wasting my time and doing my head in, I can lose size (by belt hole and trouser feel) and gain half a stone on the scale, I can lose weight and it makes no differance to how I look, and my weight can fluctate by massive amounts, so if I weigh my self daily I can track but it's just depressing to see it jumping arround like a demented Kangaroo, if I weigh weekly then I can see no change one time then half a stone down, half a stone up, it just pisses me off.

    So instead I'm gonna take photos (with the help of my good lady) every month and compare my progress that way. I still think I'm getting results, this should show me for definate, and give me a kick up the arse if not.

    My goal is no moobs, and to see my abs, I imagine that at that point the rest of my like arms, love handles etc will fall into place.

    I'm gonna post up a clothed 'Fat' picture soon, when I find one, and will probably post progress pics too, my hairy torso is not the most offensive thing on the 'net, but be warned this thread my contain pictures of a half nekid hippy

    So here is my excersise plan:

    Monday - LHT
    Tuesday - Bike ride
    Wednesday - Rest
    Thursday - Run
    Friday - Sandbag training
    Saturday - Rest
    Sunday - HIIT or actual running sprints

    I'm also trying to get in at least 30 mins of walking everyday.
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