I feel that Mark should make a topic dedicated to sleep apnea. For most people (particularly quite a few Paleo eaters; a couple of success stories mention sleep apnea here on MDA), losing weight is usually the key to freeing themselves from their CPAP machines, as excess fat is a major factor in blocking their airways at night. But the misguided notion that you have to be an overweight, middle-aged heavy snorer is too prevalent that potentially leads to an under-diagnosed disorder that can go undetected for years. Even the majority of doctors won't suggest a sleep study if you're skinny, young or don't snore, and this can be a huge mistake that puts chronically fatigued people at an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks and straight-up death (not even mentioning the disastrous effects of chronic sleep deprivation). Plenty of people here at MDA have had or still have sleep apnea, and the ones who are stuck with their CPAPs tend to have anatomical issues (which, when you get down to it, are the main factors behind sleep apnea), such as a deviated septum or a smaller lower jaw.

Unrefreshing sleep is one of the worst and most frustrating things you can experience, and for many who are following sleep hygiene tips to a T and are still experiencing sleep problems, they may never even consider sleep apnea to be a culprit. All it takes is a sleep study to find out, but awareness needs to be made about sleep apnea and the fact that anybody can have it at any point in their lives. It's not exactly a hot topic, I know, but I really believe that more people should know the real facts behind sleep apnea in order to reach for a potential diagnosis. It's not something you can really know unless you get tested because, well, you're asleep! I'd love for something this insidious to be examined and explained in detail, with tips and therapies (ie. CPAP, oral appliances, surgery, etc.) that can help those who have tried every sleep remedy, and are living Primally, yet finding their sleep still suffers with no light at the end of the tunnel.