I'll admit folks, I had an extreme caffeine addiction. I think its when I'm working a lot I end up taking too much to keep me going. I was working 72 hours per week for a while.

But on top of that, I got into going for the sugar free energy drinks instead of the coffee, because they are cold and have a lot less calories in them as opposed to the cream in the coffee.

But then it gets worse. Some drinks have way more caffeine in them. Now days in my area, they sell them in larger bottles and give 2 for a cheaper price deals. And yes, if you're dumb enough to fall for such marketing strategies, you end up getting hooked big time, and sick as I'll explain.

Yesterday I did an all day fast and went cold turkey on the caffeine as well. I ended up with a headache so bad that I couldn't do anything, and I threw up.

Today I went most of the day without caffeine until I got a headache again. Then I broke and had 2 diet sodas, which is still A LOT less than what I'm normally used to having.

So I guess going 100% cold turkey was almost too hard. But I think I'm doing ok. Tomorrow I'll go without if I can without getting a headache. If not, I'll just have a small cup of coffee or tea or what ever.

One thing I can tell you is why I wanted to quit. It made me mad all the time, wired up all the time, and to the point where I felt like I couldn't relax, was anxious, couldn't sleep, would worry about the stupidest things, and so on. And that's saying a lot for a guy who's naturally happy go lucky!!! I felt like crap. I tried exercising more often, but that only helped so much.

But now after my first day off, I feel A LOT better, even though I had the headache. Mentally I felt much better, much more relaxed, excited about life, happy go lucky (normal) again.

So anyways, here's the thing. I hear a lot that caffeine is good for you. But that depends on how much you drink. In some countries they drink a lot of tea, and that's probably a healthy amount. In the old days, in the USA, a few cups of coffee seemed normal, and it probably was.

But as I see it, in highly industrialized societies where people are pressured to keep on going, too much caffein consumption seems normal. Also, the marketing for such products is top notch.

So to sum up my post, I am very happy with the decision I made. I feel A LOT better. A little bit of caffeine is ok and possibly even good for you. But don't let what happened to me happen to you. It's not a good experience.

And if you do happen to drink a lot of caffeinated drinks or what ever, I'd highly recommend having a good thought about it and thinking about cutting down greatly. You'll feel a lot better.

Pretty much what I'm trying to do now is to cut down to zero for a while, then just have a little bit of tea or coffee in the morning or before my workouts, but thats it. Obviously I'm ending up going gradual, but so far I think I'm doing good.