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    Another one to add to this list is a backpack with sand. I use a tactical grade backpack and at one point, had almost 50lbs of sand in it (in smaller plastic bags of course) and used to do an hour walking with it 3-4 days a week. Simple and not that expensive.

    I would recommend going with something like a Specops brand of backpack, pricey but they hold up much better. You might find something Craigslist if you shop around.
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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    This cheapo (Gold's?) pully thing I got that hangs on one of my doors because it really works the inner and outer thigh (yeah yeah, it's a chick thing).
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    Vibrams and my pullup bar.
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    Currently a pedometer. Motivates me in the midst of winter to go out and do my walking! It was scary to find out how little you walk when you stay in the house the whole day!

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    Doorway pull-up bar and my Convict Conditioning book.

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    My own special designed lifting belt, with holes separated with one inch to mark the distance between a 30’ and 36’ inch waist. So when I put on the belt in the gym and it feel too tight on the 34’ inch hole, I get immediate feedback that I may have been eating too much! Very handy fitness tool…

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    I'm with Kharnath....nothing beats the shake weight

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    Definitely my vibrams. Barbell, kettlebell, and pull up bar after that.
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    "Starting strength: basic barbell training"

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    Snarky comment: the ground.
    Actual products: Vibrams, a gym membership (pretty much so I can use the pool), and a power rack.
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