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Thread: Autism!

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    So for a little while now, I've been aware that I've had a much better time socially when I'm on primal compared to when I'm not. I've been going back and forth between paleo and having to eat whatever is served in the school cafeteria, so the difference is actually very clear and consistent - when I have eaten well for about a month or so, the words start to just come to me and socializing is so much easier. A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with mild Aspergers. It explains a lot to me, and after some googling on the subject I became aware that I wasn't alone to perceive improvements when following an ancestral diet.

    What I am curious about is more or less the extent to which one can 'recover' from aspergers. It is an insane difference when I'm in a good phase. It's like picking up new sounds from a radio that is usually drowned out by some degree of static. Sadly, I'm not able to really commit to a good diet at the moment, but I can't be the only one with an autism spectrum diagnosis.

    So how many of you aspies out there have actually noticed an improvement compared to when you eat SAD? If you compare before and after, what is the most noticeable difference(if there is one)?

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    You'll never fully recover. I'm a primal-eating Aspie and still have a bevy of issues. I do feel a lot better though, eating this way. It helps, but is not a total magic silver bullet. But keep it up! You are probably doing yourself a world of good.

    That's all I'm going to say though, lest I get crazy on a rant about my experiences working at various organizations that serve people with disabilities and their take on a host of health and social development related issues.

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