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Thread: Why do starchy carbs like sweet potato, potato, squash make me ill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    The only post relevant at all throughout the first page was mine, but thanks.

    This was all extremely obvious. White rice clearly isn't causing a problem because white rice contains virtually no soluble fiber. Sweet potatoes are rich in soluble fiber. Because this is clearly a gut flora issue, the OP is going to have issues digesting foods high in soluble fiber, such as - white potatoes, sweet potatoes and bananas. Meanwhile, pure starch like white rice or sugary things like melons or citrus fruits will cause little problem.

    I explained this early in the thread if you actually bothered read it
    I read every word sweetie. There were unanswered questions such as white vs Sweet spuds that I was trying to get at while you were just trying to push your idea of the ideal macronutrient ratio for all of humanity. I never once advocated on this thread for WB to eat less carbs. Only for you to stop telling people who know lower carb levels work for them that they are doing it wrong.
    And the age question will remain an issue for as long as you keep acting like a brat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    I like this:

    "Remember, hammers are just as important and valuable as screw drivers. It just depends on what the project is and what we are trying to do." -- Robb Wolf
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    Umm, yeah.

    I also advocated probiotics, fermented veg, cultured dairy, etc. way back in the thread... My first response to the thread as a matter of fact and the first part of my response was that part directed to Warmbears about healing his gut.

    While also stating that it wasn't necessarily critical that a person actually eat the starchy carbs that are causing the issue.
    And it's not.

    How is saying those things dogmatic BS?

    And as for people needing to wake up and realize that eating carbs and starch is the right way... SOME people are happy not doing so, and SOME people have valid reasons not to. And it is not harmful to live that way at all. Once again, there is no nutrient in potatoes or sweet potatoes or bananas that is not readily available from other sources.

    The only one being dogmatic around here is you Choco. Dogmatic in that HFLC isn't right for anyone and that you are.

    Quote Originally Posted by j3nn View Post
    I like this:

    "Remember, hammers are just as important and valuable as screw drivers. It just depends on what the project is and what we are trying to do." -- Robb Wolf
    Which is why HFLC should not be dismissed if that is what works for an individual. Just like HCLF, and everything else in between, works for others.
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    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    What Neckhammer said is relevant. Basically starch can feed bacteria.

    Things that can help, and what you should focus on is removal of endotoxin build up.

    Raw carrot salad. This is grated carrots with vinegar, coconut oil and salt. Carrots are low in starch. The fiber in carrots serves to clump things together and sweep out endotoxins and the saturated fat in coconut oil help intestinal function.

    The effect of raw carrot on serum lipids and colon function.

    Try supplementing with cascara sagrada.

    Cascara, energy, cancer and the FDA's laxative abuse.

    Bamboo shoots work too. I haven't read all this topic yet, so I haven't seen if you've tried making potato soup or really, really cooking the hell out of your potatoes and have gotten a similar response to them. And lastly, make sure you're getting a lot of magnesium in your diet.
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    Choco, just leave them to it. You will not change anyone's mind.

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    Chocotaco for primal president!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    OK, let's get something straight here: this thread was started by a person that has difficulty digesting starch. As typical on the MDA forums, the first reply is some ridiculous statement on "carbohydrate intolerance" - which for all intents and purposes is an evolutionary death sentence. Completely laughable...
    CI is a disease of civilization.....does that help you get over the evolutionary death sentence bull? Don't you think that dysfunctional gut biome would also be an evolutionary death sentence if it was not also a disease of civilization? Get a grip and put things in context.

    No matter. I've come around to seeing that OP's issue is almost singly with starches. So I've changed my response. Hope the thread can get back on track. What I knew of warmbear's past weight loss and likely metabolic issues made me perhaps jump too quickly to a conclusion. So sue me

    In regards to the question of soluble fiber....OP do you have issues with eating avocado's? They carry a fairly high soluble fiber load without the starch.
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    I've largely skimmed this thread because so much of it is irrelevant to the OP's question... so I don't think this has been mentioned, sorry if it HAS.

    OP - when you eat these potatoes and sweet potatoes, how are they cooked? Home Fries from most places are usually fried in "vegetable" oil... and that could be what's causing your problems (could also NOT be, but I wanted to add that thought)

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    This sort of hijacked argumentative thread acheives nothing, confuses newbies and annoys the F**K out of me.
    I'm off to the Active Low Carber Forum for a while!

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    I have not issues with eating avocados, they taste like used motor oil and never pass my lips so no problems there. Yeah restaurant home fries tend to be what twig my inners the most. I normally skip them but I was tired and hungry and I do so love them.... yeah.
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