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Thread: Why do starchy carbs like sweet potato, potato, squash make me ill? page 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEL62 View Post
    Just enjoying all of the miserable twats who are saying "carbs are bad for me'. It's just so laughable...
    This is such a mean and intolerant thing to say. I KNOW from vast experience that I must manage my carb intake or gain back the 70 pounds that I struggled to lose for years and years but finally lost by going low carb. Why are you so sure that what works for your body works for everyone else?? I can tell you that you are very very very far off the mark. And unkind as well.

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    Sugar makes most people feel weak and foggy. It's toxic and carcinogenic.

    Safe starch, however, eaten in the right context makes those who have not rendered themselves severely metabolically damaged feel strong and energised.

    The 'carb' label is just as simplistic as the 'fat' label.
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    Oh my I do start the best flame wars. Ok here goes. Will all of y'all chill the frak out?

    I normally feel rottenest with too much potatoes. I dont normally eat a lot of sweet potato at a time. I dont eat a lot of squash at a time but this last week I have eaten a whole lot of all of it, well a whole lot compared to my normal amounts anyways and I feel like shite and have since Saturday I think and today is little better.

    I think the gut flora might be something to consider, my research leads me to believe that might be the case. However my whole family has some issues with carbs, my nephew has it the worst where he cant tolerate starchy carbs at all. I eat a reasonably high fat diet but I also eat a lot of veggies raw cooked and fermented I eat a reasonable amount of meat and virtually no processed sugary food for the better part of a year.

    My n=1 opinion is that I feel best with more carbs such as veggies and some fruit during my work day than I do on just a high protein and fat diet. I kinda feel run down and tired if I dont get the crap ton of veggies in my face each day but I plan to cut out all starchy carbs for a few weeks and see if I feel better. On days I am not working I dont need near as much energy and dont eat near as much.

    Can folks suggest a good brand of probiotic that is not milk based and available in Quebec and best of all not expensive?
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    I think we can rule out carb intolerance if the OP eats a large volume of fruits and vegetables.
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    Starch can cause persorption which feeds endotoxins and can cause extreme intestinal discomfort, especially if your digestive health was already not well. This discomfort could be what you're feeling.

    Fruit is safer carbohydrate source. Don't pay attention to the alarmist crap.

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    uhh Derpamix I have no idea what persorption means. I looked it up and the def I found does not help. can you explain?

    For years now I have been sick. This rotting bloated gassy insides cramping and the runs every day for 25 or more years. I eliminated dairy and It did not get much better, added it back and it got worse. I cut out dairy and white bread but kept the rough whole grain breads and it got a little better, if I ate any white flour I got really ill. But it never really went away no matter what I did. I cut out all the bread and dairy and it got better but not completely. Rice did not and does not cause these symptoms though. Potatoes do but rice does not???

    I went paleo, cut out all of it but for a little goat yogurt and it got much better with flare ups sometimes for no reason I can grok and sometimes yeah I goof and eat some taters. I am sort of figuring all those years of abuse and damage might take more than 9 months to heal.

    I hate feeling like this.
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    I know that you are lactose intolerant, but you should not be concerned about probiotics cultured in a dairy medium. They are cultured during fermentation and the lactose is used up. Also those are many of the ones that are really good for your gut.

    I'm lactose intolerant myself and the Garden of Life Ultra probiotics played an important role in healing my gut during the past year IMO.

    No, they are not cheap. Sorry.
    The good probiotics aren't, and really cheap probiotics rarely give any results.

    Eating goat yogurt will provide good probiotics to you as well, asn so will eating fermented veg, which I cannot do because of personal medical issues.
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    What derp seems to be eluding is the GAPS (Gut and psychology syndrome) or SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) protocol. If you check it out you focus on simple sugars (monosaccharides) for carb sources rather than starches. That includes fruit and honey, but not disaccharides such as table sugar or starches. Starches are a bit tougher on your digestive track and if you are suffering from dysbiosis (some imbalance of your gut biota) then the more nasty variants of microbes feed on the starch producing further issues. Removing the starch removes their food supply while you reintroduce better ones via fermented foods. Yes one of the first dairy "reintroductions" is a 24 hour home yogurt ferment. The 24 hours makes sure all the lactose is fermented and you get as much live culture as possible. There is also a heavy focus on bone broth and egg yolks for healing.

    Here: Home Page

    and here: Breaking the Vicious Cycle - The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

    I actually like these approaches. It's not all just about the carb types. Its that and a focus on bone broth, probiotics, and reintroduction of foods in steps. I'd definitely give it a shot if I were you.

    I'm actually sure derp was referring to something from Peat, but there is probably some cross over in this instance.
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    OK, let's get something straight here: this thread was started by a person that has difficulty digesting starch. As typical on the MDA forums, the first reply is some ridiculous statement on "carbohydrate intolerance" - which for all intents and purposes is an evolutionary death sentence. Completely laughable.

    Enter the HFLC crowd. People uncomfortable with the REAL "c-word" on MDA - "carbohydrate" - come floundering in spouting horrible advice as usual. This is, simply put, almost certainly a gut flora issue. Virtually no one has some kind of inherited inability to process carbohydrate - natural selection would have killed you off eons ago.

    And the merry-go-round continues to go round-and-round. I've been on this forum for a long time, and I see the damndest thing over and over again. I see the exact same people constantly posting who have been stuck in the same rut seemingly forever, and in a certain case here who has never had a bit of success since Day One of their primal/paleo journey or whatever you want to call it, spouting irrelevant advice. It's the blind leading those with reasonably good vision. It's completely backwards, and it speaks to Richard Nikoley's very recent post. This ridiculous self-righteous and dogmatic mentality is why this lifestyle remains on the fringe and out of the mainstream.

    And the same excuses pop up over and over again.

    "You're young." Yea, I've also been fat.
    "You're healthy." Yea, I was allergic to everything under the sun - including the sun since it would burn me upon contact.
    "You just don't have experience." Bullshit, I've experimented more than you have. That is clear.
    "You're an athlete." I was possibly the laziest kid on Earth, I'm an electrical engineer, I'm 5'7"/150 lbs, I sit at a desk 50 hours a week and I exercise 3 times a week for an hour a day.

    Yet, I've had absolutely astounding success. And it's because I've damn near tried it all. Look up a few posts - we have a statement where upon consuming nearly 2,000 calories of fat in a single day, an 88g/day carbload is somehow a lot.

    Simply put, most of you are doing it wrong. You haven't experimented. You haven't tried. You're scared to death to try. It's against your religion.

    When I see some of you actually shift away from dogma and into the realm of real, objective science instead of just cherrypicking information that makes you feel comfortable, I'll be much more open to your suggestions. But please, don't come into a thread centered around carbohydrate digestion with your HFLC dogmatic BS, then whine at me because I had the nerve to actually answer the OP and attempt to help them correct their problem instead of just telling them to avoid a foodgroup altogether and sweep it under the rug.

    So to readdress the OP, probiotic supplementation, both in pill form and with fermented foods (Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, etc) paired with soluble fiber (starch-based), a reduction of more difficult to digest fiber (like nuts or raw fibrous vegetables) and a reduction in unsaturated fats should be your plan. Boosting sugar intake in the form of citrus fruits and melons should help as well to give your gut flora a natural sugar boost.
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    Just when this thread was getting back on track to some useful information, Choco had to get his tantrum on..............

    Well, we got a few things cleared up with responses from the OP. First it doesn't seem to be a nightshade specific problem because of the sweet potatoes involved. Second, I find it very interesting that rice does not cause the problem while sweet potatoes do.

    Follow up question to Warmbear. Are you peeling your spuds?

    Choco, please note that I am not advocating a ketogenic protocol for WB, I am exploring possible avenues of food intolerances and trying to isolate the problem. The other people here who stated that HFLC worked for them only did so in response to you trying to tell them they are "doing it wrong". Chill, Bro.
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