I have known for years that starchy carbs make me sick. Bread I get but why the tubers? All of them, especially white potatoes make me feel ill. I get cramps, bloating and the gassy runs. The doc looked at me like I was somehow not quite write in the brain box. Too much sugar did the same thing to me pre paleo as did the starch and I wonder if there is an issue with starchy carbs like gluten sensitivity?

I have been as near to grain free for the last 9 months as it is possible to be in our first world but since Wednesday evening when my daughter was born I have had to eat out a lot. I did very well but for the home fries with breakfast Thursday morning, I was tired and hungry and I said what the hell. Well hell came to visit a few hours later and I am still feeling it pretty hard. I have to run for the wife, I have to clean the house before baby comes home and all I can do is keep running for the head. Gods forbid I squat and lift anything....

Anybody have an idea why this happens?