I bought Mark's book over Christmas and was converted to his point of view and had been avidly reading info on this web site as well. I had been on reduced grain diet since a running course in May but not cut them out completely.

Anyway I had started on the four lift heavy things exercises but not the sprints. So on a cold Sunday morning I had a go.
I warmed up for 7 minutes round the perimeter of a field and then did seven sprints of about 100 yards. Approximately 17 seconds for the distance.
Using a heart rate monitor to measure my maximum heart rate, I was surprised to get a reading of 207, which makes sense as on a run my HR is 150-165. My resting pulse is 37 so I have a large range.
I think the max will come down a little when I repeat these sprints over the weeks, but I have not really sprinted like this ever so room for improvement there.

So much for the much published method of 207-0.7 x your age, which would have been 172.

I did the calcs to determine threshold level as follows.
207-37=180 which is the working range.
Then 2/3 of the working range is 120
so the threshold to exercise over for benefits is 37+120=157. Which again all ties in with previous readings.

I ran a 5k (5.173Km actually) last Thursday, a handicap race at the running club and my time was 21'35", which was 3 seconds slower than my feeble best as I have had chronic injuries for the past three years and stopped running last May.
I had been seeing a physio for two months before Christmas and she was encouraging me to do walk then run for five minutes each over a few miles to stress my legs. So this was the first time I had actually ran any distance since last May.
Quite impressive in the circumstances. I was last after 200 yards as my lace came undone, and then overtook a lot of people to finish 10th.