I started primal last may during a nutrition class, I want to prove calories in vs. Calories out is only a small part of it. I lost 25 lbs in the course of two months baffling my professor. I planned on staying primal except life got in the way. I was planning a wedding with a very mean mother in law because my husband was gone for work for a couple of months. I had to take care of everything while working two jobs and going to school full time plus the wedding and moving, honestly I didn't have enough time for sleep let alone making dinner. So I gained those 25 lbs back and started having tons of pcos symptoms. So after going to the doctor I had a choice pills or diet. I chose diet. I am now back on the wagon and have been since before December but I hadn't been losing like I was until I went really low carb. Now the hubby is gone again and trying to stay on track.