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    Breaking news !

    My blood work came back. I also had a pelvic ultrasound to find out what is happening in my abdomen.

    Good news: it is not PCOS, so no increased risk of Diabetes. (I was worried about that) My blood work is excellent acoording to the doctor.

    Bad news: it is hydrosalpinx, which explains why my lower abdomen is so bloated. Pain has increased significantly in the last month and I am scheduled for surgery soon, maybe April. Surgery is the only treatment. Right now I feel like I wear a fanny pack with a brick in it. Can't wear jeans anymore.

    I did start my journal and I realized that I eat almost always the same things and I like it like that. I have been slacking in the last 10 days but it is not becaise I dropped the ball! lol!
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    Glad you found the issue. Sorry that you have to have surgery!

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