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Thread: Rasputina's Shangri-la Diet Experiment

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    rasputina, try chasing the oil down with a glass of water. I am not sure if its allowed on the shangri-lala thing, but it certainly helps me down the oil mid-morning
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    I put the oil in a narrow jar, fill it with water, give it a shake, and down it. Quick and easy. I use ELOO.

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    For work, I carry a tiny little Tupperware called a Mini, about 2 oz in size, with a good lid. I wrap it in a kleenex and keep it in a ziploc sandwich bag for safety and easy cleanup. I throw the oil back like a shot, then chase with water, while holding my breath. Very quick, fairly discreet. A little glass jar with a trusted lid would work even better for something that needs to be heated up like coconut oil.

    Spoons are much messier and more obvious. Plus I've found they usually deposit oil on my lips. With the oil shooter, there's no residue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasputina View Post
    Watched the hockey game, and we won, of course. Drank bunches of beer and had White Castles. Will probably die tomorrow, but don't care tonight. I had an awesome time, Going to go to sleep watching X-Files and wake up with excruciating cramps that will last all day. LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!
    Don't White Castles act like a laxative?
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