I started supplementing with colostrum about a week ago in an effort to help heal my leaky gut. All of the things that I've read about it are so promising, but it almost sounds to good to be true.

I'm taking the Mt. Capra brand, because I wanted to use goat colostrum (closer to human colostrum) instead of bovine. I jumped right in w/the recommended dose of 4 capsules a day, split into 2 doses. The first night I woke up with the worst migraine I'd ever had. It lasted for 7 hours. It felt like someone had whacked me in the temple with a baseball bat. That afternoon at work, I felt like I was getting the flu. I felt completely out of it, and nauseous to the point of rushing to the bathroom, just in case I was going to lose my lunch (thankfully I didn't). I thought I was getting sick. The next night I woke up with yet another migraine, though it wasn't as bad as the first one. I realized that all of this had started when I started taking the colostrum. I did some Googling and came to the conclusion that I was experiencing die-off. I have suspected for awhile now that I have candida overgrowth, but no amount of coconut oil, GSE, or natural anti-fungals have ever caused me to experience die-off. After putting two and two together, I had never been so happy about feeling so bad! Finally, something is WORKING!

I pulled back the dose and have been slowly increasing. I'm up to 3 daily now w/no adverse effects, and will continue up to the therapeutic dose.

One benefit that I've noticed already is that my tinnitus has stopped! It started after I was given Vicodin after knee surgery last year, and has sometimes gotten better or worse, but never gone away completely. Now it's quiet inside my head (except for the voices, of course!).

In addition to helping w/the leaky gut, I'm also hoping that the knee that I had arthroscopy on last year will finally get back to normal. It's just never felt right since, even though it was supposed to be a relatively minor procedure, after which the doctor claimed I would be back to sprinting in 3-4 weeks. Ha! I've also been taking Great Lakes gelatin and homemade bone broth for a long time now, but haven't seen much improvement from it.

I've also read of people experiencing clearing of their melasma (dark pigmented spots on the face) after supplementing with high doses of colostrum. I've been dealing with ever-spreading melasma for 10 years now, so any improvement on that front would be welcome. I always suspected that it was due to something "off" internally. Perhaps in me it's linked to leaky gut and candida (which I realize now I've had at least some symptoms of for a long time).

So, anyone else have any experience with colostrum?