I had ACL reconstruction surgery 11 days ago. I'm doing very well - I'm diligent with my PT - but my leg is very swollen, especially in the calf and ankle/foot. My doc says it's normal, which is a relief, but it's still very uncomfortable. I was wondering if eating or avoiding certain foods would have an impact on post-op swelling. The answer might be no, but I figured that it couuldn't hurt to ask. I've been good at avoiding wheat, but rice is in my diet as a once in a while thing. The only thing I've been terrible about is ice cream - after my final round of PT for the day, I've been having Haagen Daz ice cream (vanilla and choc-choc chip). I know that dairy can be inflaming, but could it be affecting the post-op swelling? (Fingers crossed for "No, have your ice cream and once you're walking again, rein it in.")

Thanks in advance!