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Thread: Ideas on staying lean, using fasting with paleo.

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    Ideas on staying lean, using fasting with paleo.

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    Hi folks,
    I was just throwing some ideas around. Years ago when I did a very low carb approach, I ate a lot of fat too. I liked it, but I eventually plateaued on the fat loss. Since then, I've eventually gotten leaner with other methods.

    But anyways, I like the idea of being able to eat more fats. I don't like a very low carb diet for the long term, but moderate like primal seems ideal. Heck, you can just about eat all the fruits and vegetables you want and you're still not going to go over the 150 gram limit!

    Anyways, I was thinking that if you wanted to eat all the fat you wanted and calories was still an issue, you could always still fast. As an example, you could fast every weekend or something like that.

    I was just wondering what you folks thought about that approach or if you have ever tried it. It seems like it'd be a lot easier if you still wanted to be able to have all the fats you want.

    Because my experience with eating all that fat, is you eventually plateau in weight loss. And your metabolism crashes if you go too low on the carbs for too long.

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