So like many people here I strive to live as naturally as possible. Paleo is actually how my mother always taught me to eat (grew up on kraft mac and cheese anyways) as well as the diet my step-dad recommend to me years before i found MDA. In addition to diet i'm pretty into natural skin/hair/etc care and have been for years.
I have a few mental health issues that iv'e been dealing with my whole life and have chosen not be medicated for. I am not opposed to medication when it improves someones life but in my experience most people don't need it. On top of that I have a horrible past with doctors and am generally distrustful of medical professionals.

I have a medical condition that needs to be treated. Iv'e looked into natural fixes but none really exist and it's a complicated issue. I'm not going to get too into detail because I don't think anyone here will really understand but for lack of better words we'll say it's both a physical and a mental health issue. There's no way to change the mental part but I can fix the physical part through medication. Without this treatment my quality of life would continue to decrease until I most likely killed myself. While iv'e accepted that i'm going to be on medication for the rest of my life I still have a hard time dealing with it. I love reading stories about people who have managed to get off their meds and improve their life and it feels awful that I can't do that. I certainly don't want to be on meds, I just have no choice.

I guess what i'm wondering is for those of you who have issues that can't be fixed without medical intervention how do you deal with it? Like do you just accept it and be grateful that options exist to help you or what?