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    Occasional low protein intake

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    What is the forum's experience on the occasional day or two of low protein intake? I will be travelling, and do not think I will be able to get my typical 1/g per lb. I figure I'll fall under my typical 170 down to around 110-120 for the next 3-4 days. My main concern is muscle loss, as I won't be able to get in my normal workouts either.

    I probably don't need to worry about it, but wanted a little peace of mind.

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    Chill. People here fast for up to 72 hours with no problem. 110 is not low anyways. You probably need something like 80g/day for maintenance if you are higher in carbs.

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    If you aren't working out then your body's protein requirements won't be as high anyway. I wouldn't sweat it.

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