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    I usually just ignore illness. I have better things to do with my life than feel sorry for myself.

    Then there is my sister who will take an entire packet of aspirin if she has a headache, lie in bed all day and claim she can't do X, Y and Z because of her illness.

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    people get the flu because they think they are suppose to

    I dont get the flu because i opted out of group think
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    I've had it twice in my life, both times it absolutely floored me. 12 or 13 years ago.

    I've hardly had as much as a sniffle since paleo.
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    I do believe people can carry the flu without getting symptoms. My DH gets exposed to things at his office, he doesn't get sick, but I do. I work alone, and rarely come into contact with other people, plus am a germaphobe that washes my hands often. I'm virtually certain I have been getting my viruses from the DH.

    This was pre-primal, so here's hoping I see a difference now. I've also added in a number of supplements known to be anti-viral.
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    Haven't had the flu in 20+ years. I haven't gotten really sick in at least 5 years. I used to annoy friends because they'd all get sick and be floored for days or weeks. Meanwhile, even though I'm hanging out with them, in their dorm rooms/apartments, nary a sniffle. There were even a couple times where I got a little sick for like a day, and they would get sick again, as if what they had mutated and hit them again after going through me.

    So, an odd chicken/egg question...would germaphobes be sick MORE if they didn't clean so much, or are they sick so much because they clean so much?

    I think all this anti-bacterial stuff is killing people's immune systems while making the germs stronger. To think that this year the flu has spread farther and faster than it has in a while, in a time where there are antibacterial gels in every restroom, and antibacterial wipes for carts at all the grocery/department stores, says a lot.

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    Iron Fireling, you might carry HSV1 (coldsore virus) but not exhibit it!

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    Germ-phobia along with vaccinations for relatively trivial viruses deny healthy immune systems the opportunity to develop their full potential.

    The flu virus thrives in those with weakened immune systems - this includes the elderly and frail, and young adults who've been vaccinated against every common virus apart from the common cold since they were a baby and thus have an immune system that's never been challenged properly.
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    Starting my daily intermittent fast was what did it for me. Even eating primal/paleo hadn't stopped me from getting sick. But ever since I started the daily IF, I haven't been sick even once. Oh, had a few days where I have felt under the weather and a bit lousy, but nothing that I could really call being sick.

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