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Thread: Stupid question about chicken

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    Stupid question about chicken


    I know this is going to sound really dumb but chickens are grain fed right even if you get it hormone free? Primal eating is about not consuming grains so if the chickens we are consuming eat grains then does that mean it filters through the body?


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    All chickens, even those that are "pastured" probably have diets supplemented with at least small amounts of grain. If you're buying from a local producer, I'm sure they can tell you how much.

    Grain-fed is not optimal, but if it's just small, supplemental amounts, say for winter months when bugs are limited and grass isn't as readily healthy, then it isn't really anything to worry about. And yep, you eat what your food eats.

    Hormone-free is the most important aspect of your meat though, much more so than grain-fed vs. pastured.

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    We raise free range chickens and yup they need to eat grain. They come knock at the back door if they don't get it. I'd try buying organic pastured if within budget and available to you.

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    However, chickens are not mammals, and have digestive systems that are more amenable to eating grains. Don't worry about it too much.

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    Chicken have evolved to handle grains quite well. Plus, the best breeds for meat need the extra calories, as they've been bred that way. Don't worry about it but know that grass-fed red meat and wild fish is better.

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