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Thread: What's Your Best Weight Loss Tip?

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    Stick to whole fresh foods (within PB), don't add condiments here or there or try make frankenfood. Its a slippery slope.


    If you slip up or have no options make your next meal Primal and don't reflect on it. No "I'll start again next Monday" (= binging on as much non- Primal food as possible in the meantime, lol).
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    Heavy compound and core lifts - squat, deadlift, overhead press, weighted chin-ups, etc. tack on isolation exercises as you see fit. Throw in sprints, bodyweight stuff, martial arts, etc. on your off days if you want to.

    Get plenty of rest, of course, but still work your ass off. I'm speaking as a recovering fat, lazy, binge-eater so that's the only crowd I can really have some credibility with, but I've found I really I had to adopt a "fake it till you make it" mentality in regards to gathering energy and motivation to work out. I don't know how much of it is mental and how much of it is metabolic, but over time you adapt and increased energy levels become habitual. Staying busy and always moving your feet outside of working out is important both for increased TDEE and avoid getting consumed by thoughts of food cravings. My job (chef) has really helped with this, so I'm not sure what to say to the sedentary office-dwelling types.

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    Let occam's razor be your guide and focus on cutting out the worst offenders first: soy, gluten grains (and whole non-gluten grains like brown rice and oats), seed oils, artificial sweeteners, concentrated sugars, and liquid calories. Work your way down to the more esoteric stuff as you see fit. I do not believe it's at all helpful for a recovering junk food-addict to go full-stop with a crash diet like low-carb. Natural starches and sugars will be very helpful in sating your cravings for their processed counterparts, and help keep you psychologically stable while detoxing the junk from your body. Inversely, while it's important to have plenty of good fats, it's not helpful to go crazy with concentrated sources like oils and creams. Use enough oil/butter to lubricate your pan for cooking, but otherwise focus on whole food sources like fatty meats, avocados, eggs, etc. for satiety and micro-nutrition. I do not recommend bullet-proof coffee, liquid fat bombs, or other weird atkinsy inventions. Chew your calories, and don't be weird.

    Throw in IFing if you think you need to, but bear in mind that fasting, just like crash-dieting, is just another way of tricking your body and tastebuds into spontaneous caloric reduction. It can easily work or fail just as well as eating 2-3 meals a day can. But personally, I find it really efficient to use the ketosis and catecholamine rush for morning energy and workouts, then wind down with starches and fruits for dinner. Your mileage may vary.

    So that wasn't even remotely concise, but there you go.
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    I've been posed this question quite a few times. I like to tell people to give up vegetable/seed oils completely, grain and sugar mostly. Replace these things with fruit, vegetables, and good meat. Come back when you stall.

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    Eat lots and lots of vegetables.

    Do a weekly 24 or so hour fast.

    Have a cheat meal or specific refeed once a week or so.

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    Fasting is the best way to lose weight. The more you fast, the more you lose. Simple and harsh but most axioms are.

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    1. Keep calories down to around 1500 a day.
    2. Stick to real food. Avoid all cereal grains.
    3. Do 2 HIIT sessions a week and 2 sessions of kettlebell swings a week.
    4. Have a breakfast each morning of sausages* and bacon, 2 of each. It will kill cravings for crap food and provide meaningful nutrition.
    5. Basically, it's about keeping actual nutrition high whilst keeping calories down.
    6. Have one day a week where calories are higher, but still with real food. I might have a large mixed grill for dinner one night with a lamp chop, a pork steak, 2 sausages*, half a steak and a large salad on the side.
    7. If having more starch, have less fat and protein. If having more protein, have less fat and starch. If having more fat, have less protein and starch.

    *the sausages I have are Harrogate 97% pork sausages containing only pork shoulder, balsamic vinegar and seasoning, in natual sausage skins
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    Eat plants, meats, seafood, as fresh and unprocessed as you can get them. Stay away from the wheat products. Eat sweets in moderation. Do cardio, lift weights.
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    You have to have a long term approach for permanent fat loss. There are many methods for losing fat and they all work. But for it to really count, you have to keep it off for life.

    How to do that? Have a realistic weight you want to be at. And every step along the way, check the scale every week. When ever you end up slacking off and gaining a few lbs, catch it before its too late. A 5 lb gain is ok and normal. Any much more than that and you have to start taking big steps for several weeks to drom some more weight again.

    That's the only real way as I see it. If you don't do it and end up eating too much, you could gain 10-20 lbs back in no time, and by that time it is too late. You've already killed all your hard work. So you have to watch your weight.

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    I would say to avoid carbs and processed food as much as possible. Having lost a lot of weight almost ten years ago on the South Beach Diet, which was very low carb for me, and recently learning about Eat to Live -all vegetarian, and now Mark's primal/paleo perspective, cutting out carbs, sugar, and processed food is the best strategy I think for losing weight and moving to better health. It has worked for me
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    Remove all grains, dairy, sugar, and anything that's processed. Learn to cook. Lift heavy things 2-3 times per week. Sprint once in a while. Walk as much as you can. Get plenty of sleep in a pitch black room. Don't drink your calories. Never snack. Find some way to reduce or eliminate chronic stress.
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