Hello there.
Today is Day 4 on the journey towards health. I ve noticed improvements already.. A sense of clarity so to speak. Not fully, but much better than before. Day 2 I m not sure if it was a cold trying to come on or a body reaction to the elimination in sugar and grains but i was a sniffling with achy joints and lightedheaded. I drank ginger root tea that day and felt much better the next.. Along with working 2 hours extra of sleep. My next step is going grocery shopping and planning a few meals. I have been eating too many eggs. My goal overall is to re take my life. I have longstanding autoimmune illnesses.. And so do my Older relatives in some form. I don t want to add illness on top of illness. I would in fact like to do the opposite. It is/ has become 'normal' to have chronic or acute illnesses and take prescriptions, therefore, I 'd like to be abnormal. I just read a post about health realted goals in 100 day increments. I like that. I m still formulating it. But it will entail an increase in activity. I ve been so used to living a very sedentary lifestyle because of fatigue, depression and abdominal ailments. Well that s a little bit of a ( ramble) . Have a great one!