I would appreciate a review and some input. I am stalled big time.

SW 227.5 - although my highest weight was around 239 last year.
CW 223.5
GW 175

I started primal 95% on Jan 1. I used up some dairy and other not 100% primal items I had instead of tossing them out.
I know you are supposed to stay off the scale but I need the motivation.

I dropped a pound a day for the first 4 days and then I stalled at 223. I've been wavering at 223/224 for last 10 days and I believe I'm just not eating enough.

I really hate to count calories but when I did Thursday I realized I was eating less than 1000 a day.

Currently I would say I'm 99% primal with my only vice being a can of la croix or mendota spring seltzer water once a day. I'm also 100% organic.

Here is my menu from yesterday

1/2 banana

coffee with coconut milk

bed of power greens (kale, chard, spinach) with 1 cup roast chicken and 1 cup roasted beets with olive oil and lemon

1/2 cup ground beef with onion and cabbage

1/2 cup roast chicken

I'm full and satisfied when I eat this amount but I realize it's not enough - I use ghee and coconut oil liberally - not afraid of the good fat- and I take a spoonful of cco every night before bed to add in some calories.

Appreciate any input or advice from the pros!