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Thread: Cholesterol levels

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    Cholesterol levels

    I admit it, I was concerned that my cholesterol levels would change when I switched from a low-fat CW diet on which I'd lost ~70 pounds to Paleo last July. All of my levels rocked, but I had been on a weight plateau for close to 1.5 years and I was hoping this approach would improve some digestive system problems.

    Lo these 6 months later it was physical time. I've lost 10 pounds in the past 6 months. I was quite close to my goal, and I am now at the target weight that I've been trying to reach for 3 years. My cholesterol levels are pretty much exactly the same as they were. No change, which is great because they were quite good before. So between this, the improvement of digestive system issues, and just how GOOD I feel, I will be sticking with this

    I would LIKE to lose at least 8 more pounds and drop my BF another 6-7% but that will just have to come when it comes. I've not noted the drastic changes that others have with this, but things have certainly improved. With this bad shoulder that is severely limiting my upper body work it does make it more difficult to build muscle - which for a 53 year old woman is difficult anyway. All in all this has been a very positive 6 months!
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