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Thread: Paleo kits

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    Paleo kits

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    A dude from NJ that makes grass-fed beef jerky, throws in some nuts and dried fruits and packs it up for you, hello paleokit!

    I like the idea, especially considering that the money he makes goes into his kid's foundation, but I do think they're a bit pricey at about $5/kit. I guess though that gas station jerky goes for almost $6 here so maybe it's not so much in comparison.

    These aren't for me, I think they'd be dangerous in my hands and I would overdo it. I don't snack really, or am trying not to, but figured some of you guys might be interested.

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    I love 'em. I take them to football games during the season for a snack. All the proceeds go to support their work with kids as well. I don't partake in them a lot b/c a lot of the calories come from the dried fruit and nuts (which doesn't satiate all that well), but I love the taste of them.

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