Hi guys

I have decided you are the most intellegent bunch to contact on a forum,

I have a question for you and do not wanna hear about how bad smoking is for me i already know thanks

anyways I smoke the green herb once or twice per evening, along with intense training routines and primal eating.

I had a cough start about 3 months ago, I waited 2 months and had a chest x-ray which came back all clear, but now another month later I am still coughing,

I cough pghlemmy yellowy/hint of brown stuff up every morning and occasionally throughout the day.

The cough has never got any better or any worse.

If i quit smoking and it is a smokers cough i should still cough for another month which means being paranoid for another month - at the moment I have cut down to only 1 herb a night and hopefully continually more.

Do you guys think I should get ANOTHER xray? or what is your opinions?

I dont wanna waste the health service's time keep having more xrays but this cough is concerning