Hello everyone,

So I have been primal since october and I have lost a couple of kilos. The widest part of my waist (aka my beer belly) went down from 36 inches to about 32 inches.

I walk a lot, at least half an hour everyday and more on most days. I also do power yoga work outs (something about lifting your own body weight do develop lean muscle).

I eat mostly vegetables, white meat, fish, pork, occasionally cheese and yogurt and I use a little olive oil every day. I read that I should increase my fat and protein intake, but I'm not too keen on adding more dairy because I suspect that I'm mildy lactose intolerant. And apart from the olive oil and natural fats found in eggs and meat, my preferred source of extra calories are almonds, cashews (occasionally because I will eat them until every last one is gone!) and pistachios.

First off, everything I have read says that I should not eat too many nuts. But I find that it is the easiest way to bulk up on the calories, otherwise I get 500-600 everyday. Is there anyone out there who regularly eats nuts and still loses weight?

Secondly, I noticed that my arms, legs and back are getting super toned, but I still have a lot of belly fat, and its not budging. What can I do about this???? Im really confused now because I don't know if I should eat more fat, or eat less fat or what!?