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Thread: Safe treats for sleep deprived mommy w. MAJOR sugar cravings? page 2

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    I highly endorse this pancake recipe (just egg, banana and baking soda):
    Paleo Pancakes (Grain-Free) Detoxinista
    It's a good one to have up your sleeve for when your little one is a bit older too. My five-year old and friends love these!

    Also smoothies with good ingredients. I love: a peach, two raw eggs and a heap of lettuce blended (tastes 100x better than it sounds). Avocados are also good in smoothies, and a little coconut cream.

    If you like occasional dairy an amazing treat is some ricotta cheese with fresh berries (yoghurt also works but not as well, as does salt-free cottage cheese).
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    Speaking of chocolate milk, you can try Calorie Countdown if you're looking to keep carbs a little lower. It's not as primal as this next suggestion, but it might be an option. Raw milk with mojo milk mixed in (a chocolate probiotic powder) might be the better choice.
    Also Lifeway Kefir makes a chocolate truffle flavor that I'm eager to try.

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