Apologies if my English isn't perfect!

Just some short background:
After a short and successful online adventure I have saved some money(6-7 figures USD) and I will soon get my MSc in Engineering and it's time to get out into the real world. I've come to realize that I might be happier some other place than where I live right now. It's hard to live primal with long hard winters and people are not very tolerant to different lifestyles here. And my social life is a bit lacking with most of my friends having kids.

So I ask the forum, where in the world would be the best place to move to?

Things that I value:
-Nice and temperate climate. Many days of 60-80F (15-25C) and not too many days when you just want to stay inside. Here we can have 3 months of -5F(-20C) and 9months of <60F(15C), it's just too cold, gray and rainy for my taste.
-Options of being in beautiful nature and various exercise options.
-Vibrant paleo/primal lifestyle community
-Good organic food availability
-Good work situation for engineers(employment, salary, taxes, housing)
-Easy to meet new people for a semi-introvert/normal guy

What is the best place in your opinion?

What are your thoughts on:
-San Jose/Silicon Valley
-San Diego
-Santa Fe
-Where you live
-Other place

Thanks a lot!