I find this a more convenient way to keep track of how my keto-experiment goes, rather than starting a full-out blog - I'm just not that into blogging

Female, 31, weight estimated 160-165lbs, 5'10" --- I don't have a scale I just measure and I'm up 2" on my thighs and 3" on my hips from where I feel and like my look best so I'm wanting a reduction there.

I found MDA and Primal a few months ago, I went full on October 2012 and ended up taking a break from under 100g carbs per day for 2 weeks over Christmas. I was in ketosis, but would bump in and out because I was overeating protein, overeating in general, eating too many carbs from nut binges and other such things.

But the thing that has brought me back online, despite gaining weight from that initial dietary switchover in October (from a fruit-based vegan diet) is the mood. My mood became so steady and bright, and some other strange brain symptoms disappeared almost entirely. I need a powerhouse mood right now in my life, with some major stressors going on. I'm curious to see how I adapt, and feel once adapted properly this time.

I would like to re-comp my body. I have gained a lot of strength and new muscle this past year and along with it a nice layer of fat covering up my lovely arms and my lower body, well let's just say I have cellulite and never have before. I'm a pear who holds most excess fat on the thighs/hips/butt and yikes! Not exactly my idea of how I want to look naked - sure I'll fess up I want to look hawt naked.

Ok so I'm starting into my Day 5 and I am in ketosis. My breath, my urine and now my armpits have that very distinctive smell (especially the acetone in my BO.)

I am eating upwards of 70% calories daily from fat sources. Eggs, dairy, fatty meats, butter, coconut products. My protein still leans a bit high so I am working on keeping that down, and carbs have been thus far under 50g.. higher on the 2 days I ate nuts.

No issues getting in this time. Mild headache on day 1 and 2 - just drank lots of extra water and ate LOTS of high fat no carb cheese products to kill the carb cravings. It's hard to pass on fruit but right now there is minimal fresh fruit anyway, unless it's from Chile or something crazy. I LOVED fruit-vegan, because I have always had a killer sweet addiction. I could eat 2 lbs of medjool dates a day. Yeow. My energy and mood were ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Calories, well since I want to cut out some body fat I will have to lower those, I'm just hoping that this time, keeping watch on the carbs being consistently low enough, that I will experience the keto-fullness factor. I never hit it before and was eating WAY too much food... think at least 2400 calories per day, often upwards of 2800. I kind of overeat to cope with stress and that's something I'd like to get past.

The first 2 weeks I'm not focusing on calories, as I know it takes time to adapt fully, however I'm not going to go nuts either.

Ok this is a bit long. I'll try and post every day or so what I'm eating and how I'm feeling etc.

I'm trying the coconut oil and baking soda thing I read somewhere for the armpits - because my acetone smell is strong to my nose and weird.