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Thread: Whole Vegetables (Cooked) Vs Vegetable Soup Vs Vegetable Juice ?

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    Question Whole Vegetables (Cooked) Vs Vegetable Soup Vs Vegetable Juice ?

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    I wonder if there is any major difference in nutritional benifit with choosing Whole vegies vs a Soup or may be a juice.

    I think I read on one of Mark's posts that though Veg Juice is OK but will be lesser in Fiber content, while very high on the sugar level. Though I haven't seen any such analysis with regards to Soups.

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    Veggies are simple. Only one rule here...

    Find veggies you like and eat them. Eat them raw, eat them cooked, eat them boiled to mush in soup, take 'em juiced. Doesn't matter. Just EAT them.

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    I like soup more than plain steamed veggies, because of the flavors intermixing and it stays hot longer, and it is so comforting. Cooking a huge pot of borscht this weekend for my folks as I will be out of town for a few days next week. Gonna be glorious! Too bad there will be nothing left for me, lol.
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    Here is the very most nutritious way to eat your takes a bit of processing but they come out PERFECT and with everything the body needs....nutrition is the highest of any method I have seen:

    Hyperlipid: Fruit and vegetables

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    Neckhammer, funny/good link.

    Chewing and mixing food with saliva is the first step in digestion. A blender does the chewing, and I guess it depends on the veggie as to how important mixing it with saliva is.

    I'm a lazy veggie eater. Soup or smoothies help me get enough of them.
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