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Thread: Diet Coke DETOX, worse than booze !

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    I've gone from drinking 6+ cans of diet coke, down to 2-3 a day, and right now am pretty content with that. Eventually I'll totally eliminate it, but it's the only thing I drink besides plain water and I enjoy the flavor and caffeine boost. But my teeth have suffered from it so that's why I weaning myself off of it. Slowly cutting back over several months has worked really well though-no headaches or other issues, even cutting back my intake by half, if not more! I usually drink the kind with splenda-don't know if that makes a difference or not, I like the taste better than regular diet coke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SavedbyKate View Post
    I am having a really hard time quitting diet coke. I was eating a diet very high in process carbs, sugar and lots of diet coke. My first 3 attempts at going Primal "cold turkey" failed because I was completely not functional starting day 2 and wasn't any better by day 7. on my 3rd attempt - on day 4 I had a diet coke and this seemed to help my symptoms enough that I didn't slide on food. I am now a month completely primal except for 1-2 diet coke a day. I am hesitant to give up the diet coke because I feel like the withdrawal symptoms from the diet coke make me want to eat carbs and sugar.
    I would like to give up the diet coke. I don't believe it is healthy and I also believe that as long as I am drinking it there is a chance of my habit growing back to the 6-8 cans a day I use to drink. I have heard people talk about thinks they do to minimize the symptoms of "carb flu" - does anyone know about anything I can do to minimize the symptoms of diet coke withdrawal?
    Buy bottles, not cans. Measure out your servings and pour them over ice. Decrease the serving size by 1/2 ounce per serving per day. Switch to smaller glasses as the serving size gets smaller.

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    Considering Coke's business practices I wouldn't be surprised if there's some invisible sci-fi addictive ingredient. I managed to evict it from the house but when dining a Diet Coke with some fresh lemon/lime still hits the spot, probably because the food is oversalted/MSG'd to begin with. That's progress I guess?

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