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Thread: Diet Coke DETOX, worse than booze !

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    Diet Coke DETOX, worse than booze !


    Thought I would share my story, it may help someone.

    I went primal only 3 weeks ago and instantly stopped drinking Diet Coke. For the past 5 years I have had at least 1.5L a day, but probably on average and 2.5L...I drank the stuff like water. 3 weeks ago I began to experience dizziness, sore throat and other symptoms which I initially put down to carb flu or actual flu!

    The dizziness got really severe though, I would walk round and think I was going to stumble, lie down and still feel light-headed. I actually got concerned and went to my doctors after 2 weeks, they are doing bloods but my doc was puzzled as to what could be causing it.

    This week I have slowly been getting better, and today I feel a big 'foggy' but nothing as bad as before. I was sitting last night and suddenly thought 'I've not had a diet coke for 3 weeks - go me' and it hit me. I have withdrawn from the stuff and I'm sure the dizziness and all that crap is linked!

    Anyone else experienced this? 4 years ago I ditched the booze, and although part of my recovery was a 10 day Librium detox I still didn't suffer as much as coming off damn diet coke!

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