Hello dear PB mates!

Have you ever tried cooking steak in oven? Leave it...have you ever tried cooking ANY MEAT in oven? (that includes chicken)

Was it dry? Like seriously dry?

I always had a similar issue. I still can recall my mom's oven-cooked pork, chicken and beef...they always came out dry. I grew up believing that it was the only way! Then came Heston (Blumenthal) and said that this is all wrong. Loved it! His approach in many things is "low and slow" - something we really forget about during our fast living...sorry for the off-topic.

He basically says that cooking at high temperature makes all the moisture evaporate at very high rate. As moisture evaporates, meat becomes dry and flavorless!

So, what should you do?

Cook at lower temperature for longer time and you will get superior results all the time!

Here is my experimenting. I hope you'll like it!