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Thread: Cooking Steak In Oven: I need to tell you that

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    I cook everything like a pot roast: low temp, lid on, sometimes with some exta liquid in the pot, but not always.

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    How I cook pork chops, lamb chops or chicken thighs:

    In a roasting dish put carrots, pumpkin, kumara, onions cut into chunks.
    Layer the chops on top.
    Season with salt, pepper, lemon, herbs eg rosemary, mint or basil.
    Tip over a can of pineapple pieces including the juice.
    Cover and bake at 150C for about an hour.

    Remove cover, cook a bit longer if there is too much liquid, it will soon evaporate. But not too much longer or everything will dry out, stick to the pan and burn.

    The meat is usually tender but nicely browned and the veges soak up the fat. Yum.

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