Dear fellow primalists,

Ever since Ive known my girlfriend (almost two years now) shes had low energy levels which result in her feeling tired very often and dozing of real early. Shes easilly able to sleep 10 hours+ every nigh, if life allows it.

Since about 3 or 4 months she has joined me on eating primally. She had a hard time adjusting to it, being a big fan of bread/pasta/sweets and also the lack of convenience that comes with preparing meals.
I was hoping that since eating primally fixes a lot of discomforts, it would have a positive effect on her energy levels as well. And although her energy levels during the day have certainly stabilised a bit, its not of the level youd expect from a woman her age. Also, in the evening she still dozes of very early.

Im thinking this could be caused by a certain vitamin or mineral shortage, but Im also open to other ideas.
I do have to mention that she applies the 20% rule rather generously, mainly due to her previously mentioned sweet tooth. Her weightloss has also stalled for a while now.


p.s. Her stats are as follows:
Age: 25
Fitness: No sports whatsoever
Weight: 157 lbs/71 kg
Height: 54 / 1.64m