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Thread: People of MDA: Please help!! I got fat... again.

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    People of MDA: Please help!! I got fat... again.

    Hello all!! My name is Ariathne, and I'm struggling to reclaim my awesome paleo/primal life.

    I decided to join the Air Force 2.5 years ago, but had to lose 20 lbs to do so. Naturally, I signed up for group personal training, and was introduced to CrossFit and clean eating. I was hooked!!! I loved learning how my body works, and coming from an Anthropological background, it all made sense. I lost the 20 lbs, got my mom eating clean, and was on my way...

    But then, my AF application was rejected time after time, I moved to a town without a good gym, and my family slowly stopped supporting my ideals. I muscled through it all, got into the AF (finally!!), and headed off to OTS.

    I've been at my first station for three months now, and not only did I pick up terrible eating habits from OTS, I am surrounded by a community that believes is the bee's knees!!! I need support from an outside source because I can't do it alone. Will you help me?!?!???

    Did I mention that I get to wear a kick ass flight suit? Nobody likes a fat girl in a flight suit!
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