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Thread: Whole 30 - 1.10.13-2.13.13

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    Whole 30 - 1.10.13-2.13.13

    Today I decided to do a Whole 30.

    A little about me: I'm in my 20's and have no serious metabolic disorders but would like to lose a little weight. I've eaten primally off and on for the past three years or so. I initially lost a few pounds that I had gained when I quit smoking in 2009 but never saw the kind of dramatic and sustainable losses that I hoped for. I currently am weighing in at 152 lbs and am 5'7" tall.

    Today I ate 4 eggs fried in coconut oil, baked apple & onions with balsamic vinegar, a strip steak with onions fried in ghee, and an apple with almond butter.

    I also experimented a little: I made my own almond butter for the first time (really put the food processor through its paces), made my own ghee, and ground up some dried wild mushrooms I foraged this past summer to make a powder for flavoring.
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