Good evening!

I am fairly new to Paleo or primal life style. I have PCOS and while I was doing some research I found some women that had a lot of success with Paleo! I am currently trying to get pregnant, struggling with infertility. I feel great on Paleo and I am loosing weight.

I have a couple questions and was hoping that some women can chime in. My first question is about food amounts. I am having a hard time eating over 1200 calories. I just don't feel hungry enough. Is this ok? Especially where I have PCOS and insulin resistance? I tracked a few days to try to see what I was getting and basically I eat about a thousand calories. I only eat about 50 grams of carbs. So I barely ever eat fruit maybe a half cup of berries for a treat once in a while and it is with coconut milk. On the days I don't eat berries I just don't break 1200 calories. I don't want to go into starvation mode but I'm never hungry.

My other question is about intermittent fasting. It is ok for a woman with PCOS? Are there woman on here who have PCOS or insulin resistance that tried intermittent fasting? What were the results?