I've been looking carefully over the Farms on EatWild.com with the intention of buying Grass-Fed beef. Do any of you buy from a farm on that list or have other experience buying grass-fed? There's quite a lot of variety in the farms. My husband and I have been thinking and talking about which might be best.

Finally, I'm off the antiobiotic and hopefully the infection won't return. This diet has been very successful for me, so I'm ready to get more serious about it. Here in California, San Francisco seems to be the hub of Grass-Fed production. Apparently they eat better than the rest of us. This project does seem pretty pricey. I'd breifly thought about starting a CSA very locally, but I think the cost of water is prohibitive.

What would be a perfect farm? Green grass all year long? No snow. USDA pasture, butchering, or some other agency? Shipping is expensive. But if it's to be shipped, does it matter how local it is? If beef, do any of you buy lamb, pig, chickens, etc?

Please tell me of your experiences. What do I need to know, now that I know nothing.