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Thread: New research on how insulin functions

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    New research on how insulin functions

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    Has anyone else read this article or seen anything else about the reports of this discovery?

    Scientists unlock how insulin interacts with cells

    It will be interesting to see what impact, if any, this has on the ancestral diet community.

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    This study details how they are researching the structure of insulin binding to it's receptor. This is good in that they can now begin to design an insulin mimic drug that will not need to be refrigerated or injected, so it will be easier for current diabetics to take care of themselves; in that once they know how to activate the insulin receptor like natural insulin does, they can make a more stable drug to mimic insulin's effect without actually using real insulin, which is a complex and fragile molecule (hence why it is difficult to produce and requires refrigeration).

    But, this is not important to addressing the underlying causes and cures of diabetes. I expect it will have little impact on anyone on the primal diet as this diet intrinsically prevents and cures diabetes already.

    More exciting would be when conventional wisdom gets off this damn low-fat kick and finally addresses high carb diets, and the diabetes caused by them, as one of the biggest health problems the world faces currently.

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    think this is an important article. I do not have references handy, but I hope to blog at some point about the links between oxidative stress, hormones, the brain, sleep and liver function. Its all connected. In us the hypothesis I am looking into is that brain oxidative stress causes hormonal shifts that destabilizes liver function, which then turns around and effects metabolism ... including the brain. A lot of this science didn't exist five years ago. Are we starting to get enough pieces of the puzzle so that someone might finally see the big picture?

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    have little impact on anyone on the primal diet as this diet intrinsically prevents and cures diabetes already.

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