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Thread: It's nice to know that the foods I intuitively liked as a kid are healthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpycakes View Post
    Know what appeals to me intuitively? Ice cream.
    that's a whole other kettle of fish

    but hi grumpy
    yeah you are

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    I could never eat the fatty cuts of meat, but that was because the fat was either gristly tissue or too soft and chewy that it would make me nauseous. I'm still that way with chicken skin. I'm fine with ground beef or fatty chicken thighs.

    I always loved chopping vegetables, and I'm a huge fan of soups.

    On the other end, I've never really like baking. Baking has to be the hardest cooking to clean up after. Too many measuring cups and bowls get coated with sticky flour .. not to mention the countertops and cutting boards and the floor! Ick. And for what... something that crumbled away into pieces and you have to clean up after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jojohaligo View Post
    I've been thinking about this for a little while. Maybe our cultural love of bread is because of what we put on it or in it. If you take the toppings off the pizza, or the fillings out of the sandwich, or the melted butter out of the fresh baked bread, or the creamy sauces off the pasta - would we be that keen for bread? (in general - of course there will be the odd person who loves it completely plain)
    I'm that freak. I could eat a whole loaf of good bread plain, especially if it's warm and fresh out of the oven and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. My Hungarian aunts always make their own multigrain bread, and before I went paleo I'd gorge on the stuff every time I visited. My cousins hated it when I came over in the summer because I'd eat all their bread and pick all their raspberries and cherries before they'd have the chance. My aunts always warned me that all that bread would make me fat, but I never listened. On a related note, I've heard that that craving for plain bread could be linked to gluten sensitivity.

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    I loved butter when I was a baby. And, as a kid, I loved raw ground beef. Almost any kind of cheese, though it took me years to be able to appreciate imported provolone and I still wouldn't eat "maggot cheese." *shudder* I also liked tubers better than green veggies and still do, so that's not great, but as I learn more about tubers and roots, it's not that bad either.
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    I used to gnaw on the bones from any kind of beef. My sisters were horrified, but my parents weren't bothered. I always loved meat and as I grew up and began to be told it was the product of Satan, I became very sad. Sad and fat. Never really liked veg as a kid, but potatoes drowned in butter were different. Now I just eat the butter. And wear size 4.
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    My mom occasionally reminds me of all the times she discovered finger marks in the butter dish when I was very young, but other than this I remember being very drawn to all the foods that were the worst for me during junior high and high school. Cereal, bread, packaged snacks, baked goods... Sure I'd eat meat and fruit if they were on my dinner plate (HATED veggies all through childhood), but given a choice I would always go for the sugary grain based stuff. I hope my own future kiddos won't have the same penchant for grains and sugar as I did growing up. Now, sticking their fingers in the butter dish I probably wouldn't mind so much!

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