Feeling so discouraged right now.

So I had a baby 5 months ago. YAY BABY! lol
I only gained about 18lbs during my pregnancy. I developed gestational diabetes and ate primal after finding out. Once that was started, I think I only gained maybe 5 lbs and that was all baby.
After having our daughter, I was back down to pre-pregnancy weight about maybe 2 weeks after.
Welp, fast forward to now and all of those 18lbs are back due to poor eating.
That is all my fault for eating the wrong crap, BUT my husband and I are back to eating primal again and I'd pull my hair out of frustration if it wasn't already falling out in clumps on it's own.... thanks post-preg hormones! *grumble*

He has lost 5 lbs so far. My sister-in-law that is following a primal type of diet that started the same time has lost 7lbs (probably more by now).
Me? I've lost jack-frickin-squat!!!

I do suffer from PCOS AND I'm insulin resistant, AND I know hormones are still jacked from being pregnant, but damn. Come on! The scale has actually gone UP a few times (it does go back down to what it was, but still...)
Unfortunatly, I'm not one that only needs to lose a few pounds... I need to lose around 60-70.

What gives?
Don't eat very many nuts (maybe a small palm full of pistachios total in the last week). I have a little bit of dairy, but dairy doesn't bother me. I have maybe a banana every other day. I eat lots of leafy greens, mostly meat. We have sweet potatoes maybe once a week (we're having it twice this week)... etc etc. I'm not eating a lot of carbs, even the good stuff, so I know that's not the problem.

I'm not exercising (yet) b/c I'm just too tired most of the time, but that has never stopped me from losing weight before. (I am planning on starting back up very soon though)

Just feeling so discouraged right now. I didn't have this problem when we first started primal eating. Is it the post-pregnancy hormones still? Is it b/c of my PCOS and b/c I'm not taking metformin any longer (Can't stomach the metformin now. Makes me sick to my stomach).

Anyone have anything like this happen?
A delayed weight loss and then suddenly you start losing?

Just looking for a ray of hope here.