So I bought a groupon for acupuncture and finally used it.
Awesome sauce, turns out the guy is paleo (not primal, but they're essentially the same things) so we had some great conversations while he was showing me charts.
He said that because of blood sugar fluctuation, it makes sense (and our ancestors did this naturally) to not eat much, if anything, in the morning and then have a medium-ish lunch and large dinner. I didn't really follow what he was saying but I am curious about this.
He said that he was unable to loose weight until he cut out sugar completely (except for natural sugars) and changed the times of day that he eats. I'm wondering if there's actually anything to what he told me?

I've always been a big breakfast person. Being hungry makes me feel really insecure (I've gone hungry before. Like, "there's no food in the house and I have to ration this bread, cheese and jam for the rest of the week and then after that I'm SOL" when I was young. I have had huge problems with food in the past and TPB has helped tremendously, though I still have episodes once in a while.) and a big breakfast helps me feel better. I feel security that I know goes back to those times where there wasn't food security and I can feel a part of me saying "Ok, we've had at least one good meal today. We've eaten...we're ok". Does anyone else have any experience with this sort of psychological problem?

Today I wanted to try this and it would be a perfect day, as I have off and only have things around the house to do...but I got scared, for said reasons above. It was interesting. I was making an omelet and decided to have an avocado with lime juice and salt as well. I ate the avocado first and wasn't really hungry after but ended up also eating the omelet and drinking my bullet proof coffee and now I'm a little over full. I think. I think I would have been ok with coffee and the avocado..maybe an egg as well and then calling it a morning.
But yeah, I'm not sure what to do with all this.