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Thread: Suggestions for staying on diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmacs87 View Post
    I really feel better when I'm eating this way.
    In the end, that's all that really matters. Good luck!

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    Heya, my family doesn't follow the PB to a tee, my child would get a treat or two a day (commercial or home-made, sometimes with wheat, and always with sugar, lol), and will have organic rice cereal for breakfast. My husband would eat something else sometimes. Otherwise, they just eat what I cook, and pack for their lunches, and because the food is tasty they don't mind that we do not have bread or pasta in the house. The biggest challenge for me is to make time to cook my husband's breakfast, otherwise he'd eat oatmeal. My 6 yo's favorite food is meatzza. Overall, mostly it is about replacing your side dish, particularly if you are not against eating tubers, so really no big deal.
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    Whether eating primal, restricting calories, fasting, starting to exercise regularly, or even a commitment to a non-health issue, the power is in your mind. The temptation from others can be fierce, but barring someone bigger than you sitting on your chest and force feeding you, you are in control.
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    My husband and 4-year-old eat paleo-plus. I do all of the cooking so they get awesome food at every meal and don't complain about that. It's just the extra tortilla, bread, past, or rice they occasionally add on. Most things are very easy just to separate. When they are out of the house though, grains are the first thing they want! Stick with it, it becomes much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattyH View Post
    On another thread, someone made a very insightful comment - in my house, paleo food arrives at the table with the introduction "here's dinner", not "here's some special diet health food that I'd like you to start eating."
    I love this quote!! I'm not sure if you're the primary grocery buyer/cook in your household, but when I decided to go primal, the pantry and fridge were purged. I did make concessions for the kids (gluten free cereal, bread--baby steps) but my husband and I agreed that what I bought from the store and cooked at home were going to be primal. I don't hold them to it elsewhere, particularly the kids, but I hope that eventually they'll see that they feel better eating my home cooked meals rather than the processed junk elsewhere.

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    I'm primal, my husband is not. Previously he has been the one who plans meals, shops, and make dinner. We're slowly changing our habits and chores. Now I do 3/4 of the shopping. He cooks the protein, veg and starch. I don't eat the starch.

    The alternative was dividing the refrigerator in 1/2. He didn't want to do that. Now he's in the phase of protecting his refrigerated food.

    I'll be spending more time learning to cook good primal meals.

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    My family went primal when I did because I do the shopping and cook the dinners.
    My husband can eat what he wants at work, but he is probably 99% primal.

    If your wife does the cooking, I guess the best you can do is make breakfast and lunch for yourself. Good luck with it.

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