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Thread: U.S. News Diet Rankings '13 (Take a guess)

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    U.S. News Diet Rankings '13 (Take a guess)

    Our good friends in the mainstream media - those loving folks who tell us that porn is natural and healthy, defending yourself with guns in their urban hellholes is terrible, and that Arabs are conspiring to nuke the world with non-existent bombs - are continuing their ways. Ya know, the media wants what's best for the Christian world. Really, they do!

    Two people shared links to the 2013 U.S. News & World Report diet rankings. As before, they put the paleo diet dead last (now 29th out of 29). As a surprise to nobody, they put a government-approved diet at number one.

    Predictably, the toadies at the powerful Gawker Media site Jezebel echoed the U.S. News Rankings, to the giddy delight of their barren and childless women and gay male readers..

    The media is obviously doing this intentionally. Anybody who says that the media's motive for advocating the S.A.D. and for belittling paleo/ancestral health/low carb diets is merely because they're ignorant or because they're placating sponsors is lying to themselves.
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