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Thread: Need some advice - how much weight should I expect to lose?

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    Question Need some advice - how much weight should I expect to lose?


    I started primal diet on 12/17, so it's been about 2 weeks.
    I am 5'2" and before I started I weighed about 159-160lbs. I know I was really over weight and my body fat was around 41% according to my body fat scale.

    I weighed in today, I am at 156lbs, so I have lost a few lbs but I am not entirely sure how much I should be losing at the beginning, and my body fat % pretty much stayed the same. I know losing is good, but I am worried that it's not enough.

    Since I am really new to this diet, I don't have much information, and I would love some input on how I could improve or even that I am doing great and I just got to be patient.

    Here's my diet journal (I started keeping one to help me understand what I am eating) for the past 5 days.
    I do eat nuts (Pistachios primarily, <3 oz per day) and a bit of dairy (eggs), a lot of meat with good fat, butter and fruits (berries mostly, occasionally an apple). My carbs primarily come from vegetables (cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower). The few times where I did crave carbs, I ate a small sweet potato or mountain yam. I don't have craving for sweets (thank god), so I don't cheat with sugary snacks, chocolates or anything. I do drink 1-2 cups of coffee/day, that's one habit I haven't been able to kick, and I am not sure I can.

    My activity level is very sedentary. I have a desk job, and I have not been exercising, on the "active" days, I walk maybe at slow pace (2-3mph) for 30 minutes. I feel that could be part of the reason that I am not losing as fast?

    Day Calories Fat Protein Carb
    Wednesday 1478 82.01g 112.22g 80.26g
    Tuesday 1432 73.08g 83.88g 117.41g
    Monday 1354 68.28g 102.48g 91.54g
    Sunday 1532 96.25g 92.69g 83.79g
    Saturday 1545 66.37g 115g 126.37g

    Any feedback (good or bad) will be greatly appreciated.
    One significant benefit I can feel right away is that I am not nearly as fatigued or tired as I used to be. And I am sleeping a lot better. I just hope the weight loss can be a little faster, I know I am impatient

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